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For the most economical prices in Europe

Simple .... Professional .... Effective .... Cheap

We specialise in the design and publication of simple, professional websites for small businesses and personal use. All of our sites are coded for maximum recognition by Google, which is the most widely used search tool in the world today.

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Website with 2 pages, 10 photos and colour / presentation of your choice.



One time payment


All websites have to be hosted on a powerful server, this is a type of computer that could be located anywhere in the world which stores domains and is responsible for allowing you to view the websites of your choice on your own computer.

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For small businesses & personal use.


per month


The domain is the name that will be typed into a browser to enable your website to be seen on the internet and if possible should be relevant to your usual trading name or the products / services you are trying to market. Having a relevant domain is also a key part for search engine recognition

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-- .eu  

-- .com

-- .net 

-- .org

1.50€ per month

1.80€ per month

1.20€ per month

1.80€ per month

1.80€ per month



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